School District Information

Profile School District serves four communities in northern New Hampshire:

||  Bethlehem  ||  Easton  ||  Franconia  ||  Sugar Hill  ||

The entire district has a combined population of about 2000 people. Bethlehem School District serves K-6 students from the town of Bethlehem, while Lafayette Regional School District serves K-6 students from Easton, Franconia, and Sugar Hill. The Profile School District serves grades 7-12 students from all four towns. Together, the three districts are part of White Mountain School Administrative Unit #35, with offices in nearby Littleton, NH, under the direction of Superintendent Paul MacMillan.

Bethlehem Elementary School has 180 students in grades K-6 with Shelli Roberts, principal.

Lafayette Regional School has 108 students in grades K-6 with Gordon Johnk, principal.

Profile School has 272 students in grades 7-12 with Michael Kelley, principal, and Courtney Vashaw-Piper, assistant principal.